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Hungry Dragon Game Online

The world of medieval ages can be really dangerous. It is well-known not only for brave knights and mighty kingdoms but also… for hungry dragons! When you start the same-titled game, you are a little dragon and your goal is to eat as much as you can. Due to the fact that you are just a kid, you can eat only city dwellers and other small prey. Be careful: any large characters you may want to chomp can easily attack and even defeat you. Gladly, there is a large open world for you to discover and you can walk around to find some quests that will help you grow and become stronger. Also, when you upgrade, the other dragons will be unlocked. Of course, they are stronger than a child-dragon and you will be able to hunt and eat bigger prey with their help. They can clear your way to some places that were inaccessible for you before. Once you have a company like that, everything is possible, so continue moving and crushing everything you can find.

In general, it means that the more you level up, the more characters you open, and the more locations you explore. The quests are variable, however, the gameplay won’t change anyhow till the very end of the game. You will do all the same things just with more fun and excitement since your powers will increase and new abilities will appear. So we hope you won’t get bored. In fact, chances are that the wide range of items and new adorable creatures to play with will keep you amused for hours. You are welcome to wear the costumes and even get a pet. However, despite the fact that these feature are adorable, you should stay focused on your main aim when you play: eating. Eat everything you can reach and grow. People, horses, trees, houses, and who knows what else you can taste when being hungry as a dragon. There are a lot of games in the Hungry Dragon series and each of them have something unique for you to enjoy.

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Hungry Dragon Game Online

The graphics in the game seems like a combination of 2D and 3D or something in-between. Sometimes, the animation and movement is not so perfect. However, in general, everything is drawn and arranged pretty nicely. The environment seems a lot like a fantasy-world with numerous colorful landscapes and amusing details. In fact, the game format is a bit limited and therefore we can conclude that designers did a really good job when creating the artwork of Hungry Dragon. The controls are simple – you have 2 movement options – boosting and floating. You just keep your finger on the screen and tap from time to time. That’s all. By the way, did you know that the Hungry Dragon game is created by the same studio as the Hungry Shark game?

Well, you may have already guessed that. If you have already tried playing for wild sharks, you will find this dragon switch really fresh. In general, this title is a perfect and very funny time-killer. The open world and upgrade option make it really interesting to play and we are waiting for more titles of that kind to appear. When they do, we will certainly locate them right here to let you have a really great time playing them. Currently, this game franchise is free and you can play on our website any time you want. So have fun with the dragons!