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The most dangerous predators you may know are sharks. This is something you have probably learned at school. And then you have tried playing the game known as Hungry Shark with all dragons and now you have no doubts that everything that they told in school about the shark is truth. By the way, making the sharks full can be a pretty amusing activity (we mean, when you play for them, not becoming their dinner). However, have you ever thought of playing for an even more dangerous predator? Let’s say, a dragon? What is so amazing about dragons is that they can fly, breathe with fire and chomp anything smaller than they are (and they are pretty large, as a rule). This is exactly what you will do when playing Hungry dragon. And there are even more amazing features for you to enjoy. For example, the game has an open world and you will fly here and there freely burning the lands with fire and finding new objects to swallow. The map is pretty extensive but restricted at the beginning. You will understand that this is for your own good because when you start as a small dragon, there are too many dangers waiting for you on every step. Enemies and obstacles are all around and you need to grow bigger before you move to the most areas that exist in Hungry Dragon. Next, you will have a really large collection of different creatures to play. From small (XS) dragons, to enormously large ones (XL), you can get an entire bunch and make your adventure even more exciting. It’s hard to disagree, that a company of different dragons with various skills and abilities is a great fun. In general, this title has a lot of similar traits with Hungry Shark especially when it comes to the gameplay. You play as a 3D creature in the 2D environment and need to eat, evolve, and survive. The main differences are that Hungry Dragon takes place in the medieval age, you can fly in the sky and burn your opponents with your fire-breath. So if you have already tried playing the story about sharks, you will like this one for sure. Just play it for free on our platform and we bet that you will love it!

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