Do you know what dragons like the most? There are two things they really appreciate: eating and ruining everything with fire! Sounds like real fun, isn’t it? If you have always dreamt of an adventure like that, you should play Hungry Dragon for sure. Control a dragon and terrorize the kingdom! The eternal hunger will lead you! When you just begin your journey, you are a tiny one and your size is too small to go for dangerous areas and eat something larger than you. What is more, you should try hard to avoid any confrontations with enemies that are big because this may lead to real troubles. You will meet the obstacles made of different materials that prevent you from moving freely on the map. The areas you are allowed to visit are all concentrated in the middle. You won’t be able to learn the territory before you evolve and find stronger companions. To make this happen as soon as possible, make sure to gather scores and bonus items. Do gather as much as you can because playing for large lizards is more interesting than playing for a tiny one! To do so, just go to the places where you can find enough food and come back there later to eat that food once more. When you meet a dragon or a mini-boss larger than you, don’t be too tempted to fight him. Of course, they are perfect food-sources, but they will attack you back and in most cases defeat you immediately. It is impossible to eat a large prey with one bite, so after you make a first strike, make sure to move away and do it again. Do so until the enemy falls down. For example, you can do so with goblin-machines, but be very careful since they will kill you with just a single shot. Gather the items and especially the eggs. These will bring you a lot of useful things, such as higher speed and health. Also, eggs contain small fellows you can put on your back and fly together to attack even better. What is more, you can put two and three pets on your back! So enjoy the game, burn, ruin and don’t forget to eat all the time!

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