Ubisoft Studio is ready to amuse all game fans with the new title about crazy and always hungry creatures. You may probably remember these guys due to the famous Hungry Shark series, which are absolutely amazing and addictive. The ocean depths are full of dangers and you are the main reason for that, because you are a shark, the mightiest predator of the deep waters. And you are hungry! This time, you are going to play for even more furious predators – dragons. They are pretty similar to the sharks, however, the brand new fantasy-like universe that reminds you of medieval fairy-tails and pack of adorable characters make this game totally unique and worth of your attention. In most games where the dragons are present, you usually have to run away from them or fight them to rescue a beautiful princess or something like that. This one ruins the established rules – now you are going to play for one of the fire-breathing monsters and destroy everything around. The more you ruin and swallow, the stronger you become. Every object and creature can be your prey, so be fast and merciless to eat it!

There is a set of different characters available and you will collect them during the game. Each dragon has his own abilities and strong sides, so do your best to unlock them all. When the game starts, you play as a small dragon and you need to grow as fast as possible to deal with the enemies, obstacles, and your prey, of course. There are also items that will increase your powers such as clothes and pets. Boosting your strength is a main task in the game and these features will help you. Dragons can level up and to fasten this process you will have to accomplish some additional quests (and eat more). The tasks have different levels of difficulty and you will start with the smallest ones. Move on to discover new missions and new lands. And don’t forget that new lands are always full of unpredictable challenges and enemies.

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