Hungry Dragon 1.14

This is a fantastic game about Hungry Dragon 1.14! There are creatures and objects you should eat and this is the only way to become stronger. When you become stronger you can… Eat more! Yes, dragons love eating and their hunger never ends, so you will have a real fun when playing with them. When you are just a small dragon-guy, you will eat birds and other small creatures. Later, you will become able to swallow people and horses. Next, the entire forests, towns, and castles are waiting to become your next dish. As this game features a fantasy-world, you will meet numerous fantastic heroes such as goblins, witches, and other dragons, of course. Some of them will try to attack you and you’d better avoid those who are stronger and larger than you are if you don’t want to be defeated. You have evolution options and the easiest way to grow bigger and stronger is collecting coins, which serve as an in-game currency. Upgrade the existing creatures you already have and make sure to get the new ones. This way, you will gather a company of different creatures and each of them will have individual strong traits! What is more, there are funny outfits for your dragons to try on. But be aware that these clothes are not only cool and stylish, they also bring you some additional abilities. When getting new dragons, you will review the list of their skills and make sure that you consider those skills when dressing them up! Also, not only you can collect dragons but also small creatures that will serve you as pets. The magical dragon-eggs will appear on your way while you move, so you have to gather them to receive pets. If you want to have more than one helper, you are free to collect more eggs! These small fellows will make your fire attacks stronger and you will be able to burn the entire cities with one shot!

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