Hungry Dragon 2

There is a new amazing arcade game for you to try and it is called Hungry Dragon 2. You must be already familiar with Hungry Shark, a previous title of the same studio. Now they have switched sea predators to fantastic fire-breathing and large pangolins. The long you are alive, the long you have to eat and the more you eat the stronger you grow. By the way, this also leads to real gluttony as the big dragons need more food. At the same time, your menu will expand when once you develop. From the beginning, you could only eat small creatures and objects. Later you will easily swallow people, houses and entire villages. But be careful, the enemies are also around. Ghosts and different predators will try to defeat you, so be ready to have a fight at any moment. The dragons are ranked in accordance with their size and capacities: XS, S, M, L, and XL where XS is the smallest and XL is a real giant.

Your general mission is easy: eat until you reach the limit and become the largest. Your level affects your abilities such as survivability, strength of bite and fire. There are also various barriers across the world. They are made of stone, wood and metal and each of them requires a particular level, so that you can break them and move further. There are three general places on the map: the starting point, the kingdom and the wood where the witches live. The smallest dragons cannot go beyond the starting point and they shouldn’t – there are too many dangers there, so you should focus on the starting area.
Also, there are coins to gather. You can receive them for the missions you accomplish. The more coins you get, the faster you grow. There are three types of mission and they have different levels of complexity and duration. The first-level missions last for 15 minutes, the 2-level ones last for an hour and the 3-level ones last for 4 hours. The more complicated and long the mission is, the more money you will receive for it. Those quests that are marked as simple bring about 15-30 thousand coins and are usually completed in one race. The most difficult ones are really problematic. For example, you need to eat 400 bats, which is not easy because they live in small groups in particular places like cemeteries. There is another way to get coins in the game. You may collect treasures if you can find them. Their location changes every day and you should activate the mini-map function to see the places where they appear. These maps will also allow you to track the places where other items, such as dragon eggs, can be found. The mini-map is a bonus you can obtain by viewing ads or paying gems (donation). The game is already available on our website, so you can try it for free!

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