Hungry Dragon 3

You are a dragon and you want to have some snack. Everything will do: people, piglets, horses… trees, houses, caves… forests, villages, castles. The bigger you become, the larger objects you can swallow. Of course, the more you eat, the more you will evolve. Being a small creature, you will soon grow to the enormous size. Can you become the mightiest fire-breathing monster in the neighborhood? See it in the free game Hungry Dragon we have here for you. The game is not limited to eating. You will also find new territories, fight the enemies, and find useful objects. Among those objects there are costumes and magical eggs. The costumes look fancy but this is not the main function they have: choose the outfits that are most appropriate to your particular dragons to increase their power such as speed and strength of your killing breath. The magical eggs contain small fellows that will help you on your destructing way. Let them sit on your back and make your attacks more efficient. By the way, you can have more than one pet at the same time! If you know the game from the same studio (Ubisoft) called Hungry Shark, then you will cope with the controllers immediately. If not, then you won’t have more than a couple of minutes to deal with them. So get into the game and happy hunting!

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