Hungry Dragon Android

Meet another amazing game for your Android devices called Hungry Dragon! As you have already understood, this one is about dragons and they are hungry. They are so much hungry that they eat everything around them. From the smallest creatures to entire towns, these guys can swallow anything and ask for more. As one of them, you have to eat and ruin to stay alive and grow bigger. Starting as a dragon-child, you can evolve into a real monster able to destroy all that comes to your way. And this is pretty addictive! The amazing thing about Hungry Dragon is that there is an open world there. Despite the fact that it is a game for mobile devices, it has a pretty extensive map to see. There are a lot of unlockable characters and places for you to discover, so grab your phone and give it a try.
By the way, the gameplay is very easy here. You just need to keep your finger on the screen to make the dragon fly and to tap your finger when you want to make a blast. Indeed, most of the best titles are that simple. Collect a team of dragons and go for an amazing adventure, but don’t forget that despite the fact that you are a mighty dragon, there are other powerful creatures in there. The witches and ghosts live in this fantastic universe and you have to avoid them when you are still small and fight them when you grow big. The bigger you grow, the more you have to eat to sustain your strength and continue to level up. Make sure that you care of your dragon’s meal! When you have already had enough of destroying and eating stuff, you can move to interesting quests and other features. The quests will bring you coins, which can help you level up. Also, you will be totally amazed by the custom options in the game. For instance, there are unlockable outfits, abilities, and pet-helpers that will not only entertain you but make you dangerous as hell. The game Hungry Dragon can be played for free on this site, so check it up and have a good time!

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