Hungry Dragon for Kids

The franchise about hungry creatures is expanding and if you have already checked all parts of Hungry Shark game, try yourself as a dragon. Let everything be your food! Well, literally. You will be flying around in the sky and capturing people, horses, and everything else that moves. If something doesn’t move, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be a dish in your today’s menu. Forests, caves and even houses are delicious, too. Not only the energetic gameplay is so much fun here, but also the unique and bright artwork. The graphics are cartoonish and very adorable. Despite the fact that Hungry Dragon is just a small title for mobile devices, the game designers did an incredible job here. Some parts of the environment are a bit sketchy but there are numerous amazing details they took care of. By the way, they have also created a bunch of adorable and unique giant lizards for you to discover. Every dragon has his own size, skills, and various customization options. We encourage you to try Hungry Dragon for free right on this website! So enjoy the game and evolve until you become the biggest predator in the kingdom!

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