Hungry Dragon Mobile

The fire comes from the sky and the real disaster is moving on the medieval kingdom. And it’s you! Play as a dragon, who wants something to eat. In fact, not just something, but everything. In the previous games from the Ubisoft studio in mobile game, you were examining the ocean depth as a shark, who can eat anything he meets on the way. Now things are even more fun: you are flying in the sky above the lands and burn them fire! And eat, of course. This are your main activities in the Hungry Dragon title. The core one is eating, of course. This will help you evolve to a real monster-dragon of enormous size. Despite the fact that you will start as a small one and the game options/available areas will be limited, you will soon grow up and even get the companions. You can own a number of dragons and they are all different and have their unique special features and abilities. Every dragon has a pet on his back to make more powerful fire blasts and even wear adorable costumes. These are not just decorations but helpful things to increase your skills and add some new ones. The setting looks like a fairy-tale or a fantasy novel, full of incredible characters like goblins, witches, ghosts, knights with their horses, etc. There are beautiful castles and magical forests you will be fascinated with. First, you get fascinated, then you just eat them! Because your aim is to have fun, right? If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and Daenerys or the cartoon How to Train a Dragon, you will become a fan of this title and love it from the first sight (and chomp).

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