Hungry Dragon Mods

There is a new vision of Hungry Shark game with mods called Hungry Dragon. Previously, you were playing for underwater predators and now you move straight to the sky. Flying dragons are discovering the lands of medieval kingdom looking for somethings (and someone) to eat because they are hungry! Actually, they are so gluttonous that they can eat literally everything, from city dwellers to buildings and trees. When you eat, you obtain scores and therefore grow bigger and bigger. At the same time, there are enemies around. Some of them are even larger than you, so make sure to avoid them until you become strong enough to defeat them. By the way, you will start the game as a dragon-kid and you should be very careful at the beginning. Continue the adventure to unlock other creatures and they will help you fight the enemies and ruin the blocks that prevent you from discovering the new places. You will gather a collection of different giant lizards with various abilities and special skills. Together, you will evolve with every new eaten prey. Also, don’t forget about the jewelry and bonuses that will pop up on your way from time to time. Jewelry and coins will help you level up and dragon eggs will give a birth to tiny fellow-pets that will increase your power. When you grow, you can proceed with eating larger objects and unlocking new areas to discover. There are three areas there: the one that you find yourself at when you just start playing, the kingdom area and the mysterious forest where fantastic creatures live. You cannot go further than the starting point before you evolve and be able to defend yourself from witches, ghosts, and other dragon-hunters.

The controls in this game are very simple and pretty much similar to those you have already seen in the Hungry Shark series. There is a movement controller on the right and move fast. Actually, the game is very simple but it is a great fun. You fly around and burn, and eat, and get new items! Also, the number of dragons and costumes is pretty large, so you will be able to get an access to ton of them while you progress. Together you can terrorize the kingdom and have a really nice dinner. Play Hungry Dragon right now and we bet that this one will become your favorite arcade game! It is available for free on our website, so you can enjoy it any time you want to have fun destroying and burning all around!

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