Hungry Dragon Tips & Tricks

If you want to embody your passion for destruction in a funny and adorable way, make sure to play Hungry Dragon and you will get it. Play as a dragon and fly over the lands to burn everything down and eat every single live creature you meet. You will also find coins and treasures as well as new places on the map. Unlock the dragons and bonus features to make the game even more exciting. By the way, the number of various giant dragons is really impressing. They are divided into groups by size: from the smallest to the largest. Your aim is to develop yourself from the first to the last size category. Each group can contain a number of different dragon types and you have to be attentive and see their unique features. Pay attention to the available equipment, preferable food, and the type of objects they can ruin. If everything satisfies you, just choose the suitable dragon and see it in your collection. You can view the skill list of your new dragon right away. You should consider them every time you add a new item or a pet. By the way, pets come from dragon eggs you will collect on your destructive way. The eggs can also be obtained in quests. Do your best to get one, since the pets are not only cute but also very helpful: they can increase your own skills. So equip yourself in the best way and get ready for a furious adventure!

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