Last Dragon

Some mobile games are so great that they get unbelievable attention from the first day after being launched. This is exactly what have happened with the game Hungry Shark a couple of years ago. This is an arcade game where you play for… yes, a hungry shark. And what you do is… yes, eating. Sounds too simple? Just try it once and you will see. After the boom of popularity around this title, the developers decided to launch even more similar games and you have a chance to enjoy them on our site. What is more, you are welcome to try something no less amazing. Hungry Dragon is another game from the same studio (Ubisoft) and this is another story of predators that are willing to swallow the entire world. Now you are flying in the sky and burning, eating, and ruining every inch of the ground down there. Those land-creatures cannot escape your wrath! Make sure that eat as much as you can since your survival and evolution depends on the amount of food you can swallow. By the way, giving them a nice fire blast that burns everything you can see is pretty amusing. You will have to work hard to upgrade your creature and become big and strong. Take challenging missions to receive in-game currency and grow. Of course, you will hardly spend hours and even days trying to grow a dragon in a video game… But who knows? When the gameplay is so much fun, chances are that you actually will! If you are fan of the franchise about the sharks, then we are absolutely confident that you will love Hungry Dragon. The reason is that this game has a perfect game-formula that successfully combines a really funny destruction, amazing graphics, and a bit of spice! This is a bright and entertaining title for all arcade-fans, dragon-lovers and simply people who need a nice time-killer. If you haven’t play this title yet, then don’t wait any longer. Grab your mobile device and get into the amazing world of gigantic hungry lizards!

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